China Productivity Center, have ties to China/CCP?

They are wanting to cooperate with our company, it still unsure what their core and/or direction is in regards to China. The name says, but lots of Taiwanese corporations use China in their name, so a little confused.

Are these guys affiliated with the enemy, or just an old school Taiwanese organization?

Do they have a tongyi bianhao?

They better, they are pretty huge.

They have “Office of the APO Director for the Rep. of China”.
That should answer question, no?

That just means their office is here and they hire people here. It seems Taiwanese to me too. Just wondering if anyone has seen any new on corruption regarding China, as these guys essentially manage a lot of government projects.

look into timeline of organization. they have something for 1955 when founded

AFAIK after going through the website, it just looks like one of those Blue China types of organisations.

It kinda reminds me of one of these places in Toronto

Yes it’s a ROC flag, but it’s a ‘blue’ institution. Pre-1949 ROC style.

If you’re curious to see this on Google Maps…

The address is 112 Huron Street, Toronto

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Ya I think you’re right. I get that vibe as well!