"China refugees"


I believe there are over a million Taiwanese on the mainland. I don’t understand this question.


cga.gov.tw/GipOpen/wSite/pub … 177883.pdf

Yet following the government’s lifting the Marshal Law on July 15, 1987, and deregulating family reunion
visits to Mainland China on Nov. 2, of the same year, droves of mainland residents, longing for Taiwan’s affluent economic
environment, have been attempted to migrate to Taiwan illegally
to work and earn wages.

Things have been changed dramatically, starting maybe 10 or 15 years ago. There’s very little illegal Chinese labor in Taiwan, cause they can find a job easily in China now. But there’re still lots of women come to Taiwan for the easy money in the sex industry.


Real history. You be the judge.
1987, DPP advocated to allow Chinese refugee to visit China.


Today, Europe and the West think they have refuge crisis. I’m not saying it’s not, but Taiwan (6 milllion) took 1~2 million refugees in 1949.
Not a single word of appreciation from China, UN and US.

Many descendants of refugees accepted the historical fact, almost all with own family tales of the misery endured in this tragic exodus. But still many refuse to come to terms with it and instead paint the exodus as some liberation army hailed from heaven. I also see some irresponsibly releasing the tentrum of a 2nd gen identity crisis on irrelevant straw man such as Holo, or Lee Teng hui, or the Japanese.

news clip below was from 1949 KMT party newspaper. People at that time were fully aware of their own predicament.