China’s worst serial killers: a litany of evil through history

The typical stereotype of a serial killer is white middle aged, smart and unsuspecting. However as can be seen from this link the Chinese are certainly not immune to serial killers and these are just the reported ones in a heavily censored media ! I used to think caucasians tended to be more likely to commit these kinds of crimes but this article was shocking. Read with caution , disturbing content. Are we any closer to working out how a child grows up to become a serial killer after all the years of research by the experts…

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There’s been an 80% drop in the number of identified serial killers in the USA in the past 30 years. Almost certainly because they’re getting caught sooner. Interestingly, more are black males than white males now. This is due to multiple kills driven not by a desire to kill but some other criminal activity being defined as ‘serial’ and included in the figures.

The drop in overall numbers is astonishing.

There’s a theory that when a country urbanises rapidly and improves its transport links we see an immediate spike in serial killers. It makes it easier for them.


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