China sends noisest submarines ever built into Taiwan waters … 2005-09-18

[quote]The Ministry of National Defense yesterday confirmed a news report that a nuclear submarine from China had surfaced near navy vessels and passed through waters off Kinmen in late June.
The navy monitored the process by radar and no conflicts occurred during the incident, the ministry added.[/quote]

“The Chinese submarine surfaced when it passed through the country’s waters. According to international practice, a submarine that comes to the surface on a waterway is showing that it is not hostile, so the navy monitored its passage and did not raise security levels,” ministry spokesman Rear Admiral Liou Chih-chien (劉志堅) said yesterday.

Offended that I said the Han was loud? Besides being an avid SubCommand fan, here are some sources:
Fas refers to the Han as the noisiest submarines ever built, paragraph 2. … n/subs.pdf
Noisy even by WikiNews: … ese_waters
And insulted again by Japan Today: … 1117a8.htm