China spy machine floats over the US (and Canada)

Yes! But its 80 years later, they have Spacecraft that can see now, odd they would do this.

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Maybe ground penetrating radar works better on balloon than satellite? But from the photos doesn’t look like it has that ability.

Would be funny though if this balloon works as well or better than the infrared on James Webb Space Telescope :rofl:

From all the hype, it seems like most “experts” indicate that the balloon was so far up, there’s little data they could have gathered that their satellites can’t already.

Which begs the question: why do it? It’s not like it’s the World Wars Era and something in the sky is automatically menacing. Or the Cold War with a stupid potato that makes radios go “beep”. Does the CCP think their “off course weather balloon” is going to scare Americans into starting a war? Do they hope Trump will shoot it down so they can declare war on the USA? What do they hope to gain ahead of (cancelled or not?!) talks with the Secretary of State?

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Blinken has cancelled his trip to China after China is caught with spy ballon in US air space.

Do countries still use spy balloons?

Maybe their satellites aren’t very good?

Ha. Good. I have to give Joe blow credit here. He’s continuing the hardline on china that Trump started.


ChiComms just checking weather over ICBM launchpads in MT, no worries.

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The Chinese have spy satellites, don’t they?

I guess the answer is they’re cheap to use. China also lost control over their satellite not so long ago. They seem to lose control a lot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to just be an errant weather balloon. I don’t see why we wouldn’t just stick a pin in it. We’ll see


With any other country that would make sense. But strange a weather balloon would just be at that location of all places.

Is it really some kind of vital hotspot? I don’t know. I would just pop it personally. That they aren’t kind of suggests that there’s no reason to.

I read that the US officials aren’t worried about the balloon because, yes, they do

In addition to this, I wonder if there aren’t instruments that need to sample the air for chemicals. Maybe they’re looking for something weird? Seems far fetched, but yeah the balloon thing is weird

Guess what the official Chinese response is?

Big enough that it could land on people, and not hurting anyone where it is, and nothing that the Chinese can’t get from satellites, is the official story

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Yes, I had seen that!

Reports seem to say they tracked it all the way from Canada and it hovered for a longer period over Montana.

The article I posted also had contradictory statements from people in my opinion. It says it’s less likely to be detected by radar and would have the element of surprise as its spy balloons aren’t utilized much anymore. But at the same time it’s almost certainly going to be spotted.

I read the Chinese Ambassador to Canada was summoned to explain, because it went over western Canada, but there was no reporting on that conversation

Ok, this makes some sense:

I thought the same. Weather balloon eh? Let’s bring it down and see.

I personally doubt China would use a massive thing like that to spy but who knows.


That’s what they WANT us to do!