China spy machine floats over the US (and Canada)

I thought the same. Weather balloon eh? Let’s bring it down and see.

I personally doubt China would use a massive thing like that to spy but who knows.


That’s what they WANT us to do!


Apparently there are lots of advantages to balloons. It’s reasonably impressive technology


“My concern is that the federal government doesn’t know what’s in that balloon. Is that bioweapons in that balloon? Did that balloon take off from Wuhan?”- House Oversight Committee Chairman Republican James Comer.
I’m sure Tucker will be right on it, “Just asking questions”.


You think he’s gonna have the balloon on his show?

In other news, a second “force de majeure weather balloon” is drifting over Latin America.


they also lost control of covid not long ago…oops. I have a hard time believing much of what china says, they spew the same shite as russia, I’m pretty sure covid escaped from a lab in China, they can’t seem to stop having these oops moments.

I honestly think China might even start nuclear war on accident at some point. Some guy just accidentally launching nukes off…

Some discussion of balloon gate from a Canadian perspective (the balloon also reportedly floated over parts of western Canada) from former Ambassador to China Guy Saint Jacques:


Solar powered ‘gliders’ staying afloat for weeks.

Forumosan conspiracy SME’s, help a pleb out!

Related? Or was the whole Chinese Spy Balloon an…drumroll…MSM distraction?! Or perhaps, this video is fake and is the ACTUAL distraction? The mind boggles.

Ok honestly though, you guys think this has any relation to the infamous spy balloon?

If that was the spy balloon, that was one hell of a pop :sweat_smile:

I think they would be more interested in bringing it down slowly then they can analyse the equipment. If it dropped from that hight, it would be hard work finding the pieces.


Not one of my usual sources, but fun to read

Some commentary from Taiwan:


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from the comments below that tweet

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More fun-and-games online:



Sure, because we need to replace those new hypersonic weapons we just made with something stealthier.

Ha, I saw that picture yesterday and put it on my facebook page. lol

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Anything with a range of 60,000 feet?

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