China spy machine floats over the US (and Canada)

They’re already in uniform.

Another one

They shot it down in the ocean by the Carolinas.


Best baby reveal stunt ever.


That’s a high level of compliance.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted Friday,

“Literally every regular person I know is talking about how to shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon. It would be great if an average Joe shot it down because China Joe won’t. Regular Americans can do everything better than the government and actually care about our country.”

The Observer noted:

“The surveillance balloon is estimated to be floating upwards of 60,000 feet in altitude, which is a little over 11 miles. The furthest successful shot ever recorded by a military sniper was roughly 2.14 miles, accomplished in 2017 by a Canadian soldier serving in Iraq. The record for farthest shot ever made with a rifle was set in last September by a team of long-range shooting experts in Wyoming, successfully hitting a target 4.4 miles away.”

Of course, she could have been talking about using Jewish space lasers.


Any thoughts on the balloon?


Edited: A Starlink competitor?

So in the end the Chinese balloon :balloon:was not one: Emperor Xi just wanted to celebrate & share the Lantern Festival good vibes in his own way :joy:

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Not only did it 100% escape from a lab in China, it was also purposely engineered to be such a fast spreading virus. Thanks again china.

China deliberately released it in retaliation for the ongoing Trade War, and at the time, culminating in US labeling China as a currency manipulator. China refused to sign the phase 1 deal, then suddenly they came back to the table in November 2019 to demand adding an “unknown events and natural disasters clause” to phase 1 deal — this is the smoking gun that China was fully aware of the situation, and that they never planned to adhere to the deal from the start.

China released it locally to allow for the virus to establish itself sufficiently in the population without interruption for a period of 3 months before they made public that some patients were in isolation. If China did not release it in a controlled local environment, it would have ended up like SARS 1 which mainly impacted small areas of East Asia and did not become a pandemic. Many will argue, why didn’t China release it in another country? Because the response would have been almost immediate and isolation and quarantine process would have made the pandemic almost impossible - see Ebola response, SARS1 response, etc.


It’s a high altitude balloon. Probably around 100’ diameter. The data catching hardware attached to the balloon would be about the size of an F16.

Is this officially the first time a foreign aircraft was fired upon and shot down by the US military in continental US airspace?

No it was just bog standard chinese negligence and chabuduoism.
The research was actually being done for preventative reasons, not malicious, but as we can all see now that sort of thing isn’t the best (and safest) idea which is probably why it was being done in china not elsewhere.

They did however deliberately let it spread around the world. That was indeed malicious and we shouldn’t forget that the chinese govt is responsible for millions of deaths.

Japanese sent balloon bombs in WW2.


News said it was the size of a fire truck,

Would have been better if they followed Maverick and Goose’s lead.


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