China Stops the Presses - Foreign Magazines Halted

No more Rolling Stone…its why they call it “Communism.”

[quote]China Stops the Presses
Magazine Moratorium Hits Foreign Publishers

By Geoffrey A. Fowler and Juying Qin, The Wall Street Journal
Friday, April 7, 2006; Page D05

HONG KONG – "China has placed a moratorium on new foreign magazines on topics other than science and technology, dealing a blow to international media companies looking to tap the nation’s booming advertising market.

One casualty of the policy, adopted by China’s top publishing regulator, is the Chinese edition of the rock and youth culture magazine Rolling Stone. The magazine had published its first edition last month, but the General Administration of Press and Publications said it will forbid it from publishing again. The magazine falls in the restricted category, GAPP said, and its publishers never applied for the appropriate permission to publish.

China has imposed restrictions on investors before and then eased them or overlooked exceptions. But this rule is a big setback for publishers of lifestyle magazines, which had been one area in which foreign media could expand even as Beijing cracked down on television broadcasts."(more news at link) … =rss_world[/quote]

No no you’re wrong. China is a thriving liberal democracy now and all that bad stuff is a thing of the past. The CCP are really just like cuddly baby pandas. Shanghai is like so cool and happening dude. It’s like China is the next Big Thing and like man if you’re not in China man you’re just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind the curve.

Meanwhile in other news, eleven billion people were quietly tipped into a pit of snakes for criticising the government in China. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair said in respose to Burmese General Watteffer Theffuk’s recent comments on arms sales to China, “We will never deal with repressive military regimes unless it’s particularly profitable and you have good restaurants.”