China surrounding Taiwan now...Is this for real?

This popped up in my news feed just now. What’s it all about? For real?

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China is playing water war games in the Straits. The US sent ships to watch and play their own games.

China announced last week it had scheduled five days of drills starting July 1 near the Paracel Islands, which are claimed by both Vietnam and China.

Vietnam and the Philippines have also criticised the planned Chinese drills, warning they could create tension in the region and impact Beijing’s relationship with its neighbours.

The United States accuses China of trying to intimidate Asian neighbours who might want to exploit its extensive oil and gas reserves. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also lay claim to parts of the South China Sea, through which about $3 trillion of trade passes each year.

The U.S. statement said the naval exercises gave commanders the flexibility and capabilities “that only the U.S. Navy can command”.

Yep, unfortunately. They let go of the carrot approach with Taiwan and feel emboldened in one side, threatened internally on the other. They need to act before the US gets back on its feet and the world is busy with the pandemic. Or people revolt on them.

Depends on the 3 gorges dam and new plague.

India news/talk inflating because of the recent India/China skirmishes.


The military is secure…except for all the lsd.

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With Hk kneeling and bowing the emperor thinks it’s time for Taiwan to do the same.

The July 1 law is an apocalyptic wake up call to the whole planet. All seven billion Homo sapiens are affected.


Chinese Using war game trick to start real war is to be expected. Another trick would be sending humanitarian ships to help after an earthquake tysunami etc and the ships are actually troop ships or war ships and never leave. In the long run, seeding the population with a few million Beijing diehards who birth more diehards might be another

You mean after capping Hong Kong knees, they want Taiwan to do the same…before their economy hits a major bump.

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No, it isn’t, and no we aren’t.


And why do you believe this is so?

Go to Hkfreepress/SCMP or google and read full English text version of this law for all the devilish details.

Extraterritoriality vs freedoms!

Domination and dominance over the land by the emperor and for the emperor.

The pandemic is evidence of bioweapon domination.

If it were, we’d already know it with certainty. If it were deliberate, I’d say they were testing the fence for weak links, and not going all out.

So they deliberately released it… in China?


Not in China…globally!

But not in Taiwan… against who China is currently losing the optics/PR game regarding this by a longshot?


No. China’s been "ready for war"for decades.

Yes. This is correct

Right, China has bigger problems at home, not to mention their economy

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Invisible war!

Go to epoch times on YouTube for in-depth coverage.

But it did appear first in China- if they deliberately started it, they released it first against themselves. Was that just to alleviate suspicion?

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