"China - Taiwan forum opens"

“China-Taiwan forum opens amid row”
news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-p … 602299.stm

Is it pedantic to accuse the BBC of sloppy reporting to suggest in their headline that the KMT are Taiwan? Perhaps if they mentioned that the KMT still think they are the government. If it were KMT leaders meeting the leaders of Chinese opposition movements, or Taiwanese business leaders meeting Chinese business leaders, maybe.

Or perhaps the world has gotten smart and decided to dismiss DPP and TI altogether. :laughing:

It happens. Civil servants, foreign governments, interest groups discreetly talk to opposition parties in advance of an election where a change of power is expected. Also, the British Government secretly talked to the IRA for years while they were “at war” with us. That’s how we got where we are today in NI. Who knows. Perhaps the DPP/government and KMT have more sense than we’d credited them with and the KMT are secretly representing the government.

Talking to your enemies without preconditions is good. It doesn’t mean you have to make unacceptable concessions. It just means you’re talking.

The problem is the KMT acting as if they have the God given right to represent Taiwan and really ought to be the Government if it weren’t for some messy thing called electoral politics/circumstances, and the BBC representing it as such.

It’s like Al Gore acting as if he were President of the US and going round making “treaties” rather than just being a lobbyist.

I thought only Nixon could go to China.

Perhaps the KMT should have won the 2004 elections. Would have made the BBC more consistent in their title selection at least.

Not to mention would have given the international media better stories than, “No” to pandas, “No” to Olympics, “No” to 3 links, and “No” to arms package.

I mean what kind of people are actually happy that the DPP is behaving this way? Oh yeah they usually aren’t fluent in English or Mandarin in Taiwan…so I guess the BBC news doesn’t effect them… :laughing:

That article isn’t so bad. It presents the situation between Taiwan and China a lot more fairly than some articles I’ve looked at.

BBC tends to be pro-KMT. I’ve reviewed a a timeline they constructed to show this. Their local partner is the rabidly pro-Blue cable station CTI, a subsidiary of the China Times, the KMT’s Xinhua in the bad old days.