China Threatens US Film Industry for Nominating 'Do Not Split' for an Oscar

If there’s anything you should be calling your elected representative about… It’s this. Chinese censorship is at the front door and it wants to take over your house.


Won’t anyone think about the feelings?


Lacks artistry BUT
Has political stances
A compelling point

Made by Global Times
For this film to win Oscar
Point and counterpoint :joy:

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No one in the west really cares about China’s censorship till they keep getting cheap goods from slave labour. If they did Hollywood would have exited China a long time ago.

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I’m waiting to form an opinion on this until Lebron James tells me what it’s ok for me to think about it.


Chinese feelings and box office trumps charade of democracy.

Isn’t it ironical that a movie depicting protecting American way of life and fighting US enemies has to appease the country branded as a threat in real life?


Stop hurting the feelings of Chinese audiences.

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There was no threat made. They said the film is lame and it won’t make money in China.

Did you read the article?

“Hollywood movies, or movies that hope to be recognized by Hollywood, are more and more close to the political stands in Hollywood - that is, the US - to achieve so-called political correctness, which is contrary to the pursuit of the art of cinema,” a Beijing-based film industry analyst and screenwriter told the Global Times on Wednesday on condition of anonymity.

Such movies, if they win awards, will hurt the feelings of Chinese audiences. This will also dent the Oscars’ reputation among Chinese moviegoers, turning them from artistic prizes to political tools, and Hollywood may face a heavy loss in China, Song said.

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Sure did. They may face a heavy loss…? that’s no threat, just speculation.

This is how the CCP threatens companies and industries. Mob-like. It’s a thinly veiled threat.

‘It would be a shame if US movies suddenly lost money in China.’

The CCP’s true meaning is between the lines.

China is one big ‘Applause’ sign. If the CCP says to hate it, you better damn hate it!


The directors of Do Not Split know they aren’t going to show their movie in China. This is the CCP’s warning that if it wins, they will take their punishments out on other, unrelated US movies.

Like pineapples.


The movie is out. It may not make money, that’s… Everyone knows that. No threat; just chatter. Critics and artsy folk do that stuff about movies

I didn’t say China threatens movie.

I said China threatens US film industry.

More worser! Too many mind

Nice business you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it.


Beat me to it!

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The only people to blame are Hollywood producers. By now everyone knows how China is. If you’re greedy for their market, they’re gonna enforce their rules. Simple. No point cribbing about nonsensical issues like human rights, freedom of speech etc etc etc.(which they’re ready to ignore for all other things)

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Nah; don’t see that - I see it as no big deal. I think that’s just too big a leap; too much of a stretch, that’s all.

But please, do carry on without me!

The CCP are a bunch of cowardly whiners. They despise their own people and are screwing them over in the hope of unpatriotically and selfishly getting their own families out of China. Xi Jinping looks like an aborted Winnie the Pooh.