China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains


BBC news report showing the systems in action.


World’s biggest, eh? It sounds like Britain’s unhappy about losing its crown. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“Those who smoke on high-speed trains, scalp train tickets, or make and sell fake tickets will be banned from buying train tickets in China for 180 days starting May 1: National Development and Reform Commission” Global Times Tweet


I wouldn’t mind this in Taiwan. It would prevent travel agents from buying all the train tickets to Hualien.


Yeah but it would just be some idiot they caught on camera not the agencies who actually scalp tickets.


It first starts as a social credit system, then meanders into people reporting on others in order to boost their social credit rating. Before you know it, you got a rewind of East Germany and 1/4 of ChiComms just tattling on each other.
Anyone who thinks this is a big nothing-burger is not seeing down the road and where it leads.

WSJ has a decent representation below of what could go into your credit sausage grinder.
And don’t think the commies won’t have credit ratings for foreigners over there, too; resident businessmen, overseas students, etc.


always guilty and never innocent.
This’ll get morphed rather quickly with people’s social credit rating.
Enjoy your lives in China.

First-tier Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai have already employed AI and facial recognition technology to regulate traffic and identify driver’s who violate road rules, while Shenzhen traffic police began displaying photos of jaywalkers on large LED screens at major intersections starting in April 2017.


The way he describes it is so good even mostly understandable for dumb people and it has a Taiwan hook at the end.


This is not good, particularly when China starts exporting this ideology which it appears to be already doing. This social credit system is not just a surveillance system for individuals. It also includes foreign companies who want to operate in China, who are required to participate in this system as part of their operating license.

I had a friend I had been corresponding with for years in China, and she stopped corresponding a few months back when I moved to Taiwan. I wonder if this new system had anything to do with her decision to end our online friendship? My guess is yes.


Do foreigners living in China get a social credit score too?


you/we already have a negative social credit rating in China, because of posting on forumosa.


Only citizens as far as I am aware. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has recently lived or had a business there, and get their opinion? As the ABC report mentions, you have to opt in if you want to register a business in China. Exactly what that entails, I don’t have the answer too but would like to find out.



Apple is now establishing its own social credit score for iPhone users based on who you call and who you email. Wonder if this was requested by China.


Have you guys seen Snowden the Movie? Apparently the NSA is lightyears ahead of this. Chinese Government just doing it out in the open, not being secretive cause they don’t need to. Also If theyre publishing this stuff just imagine what theyve been keeping tabs on that theyre NOT telling their citizens.


there’s gold in dem dar [porno] hills [of Commieland]




Holy sh*t. Remids me of Stasi in the DDR.


Reminds me of how naive the people supporting “ unification “ are .


so so gross. all freedoms getting slowly removed. even if you donate money, blood and organs to the government…i mean charity’s to get your score back up you are fucked if you do something accidentally out of line or just get targeted for whatever demented reason.