China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains


In a somewhat warped way I can see some potential benefits. If you are an antisocial douche that tosses litter , drives like a maniac, causes trouble with neighbors, you get scored down so much you can’t do anything but stay home. It’s similar to a dog shock collar for antisocial idjits.

Unfortunately it’s China and anyone who talks against them will be hit with this .

Here was another article. They’ve got nothing to do with their time but chase porn around?

On Friday People’s Daily, known as the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, published a glowing report on (mostly retired) members of a community in the Chinese city of Chengdu that spend 90 per cent of their day snooping around their neighbours’ backyards and propagating the “Clean up the Pornographic, Strike the Illegal” campaign.


It has some benefits but the potential for creating robotic fake behaviour is mind blowing and of course for discrimination against anybody who falls outside the ‘norms’.


Most Taiwanese are already relatively well off, live in a safe well run country , decent healthcare , easy going police and judicial system, neighbours and local admins don’t really get in your business .
Oh yeah they don’t know how good they have it sometimes.


Yikes, is getting deeper into everyday lives.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see them expend it to outside of China in the future. People are already being blocked entry into china over very minor things. I’ve heard some people have 2 passports if they do business and China and Taiwan so they don’t see the ROC stamps going into china.


I once showed my ROC visa cause Chinese Immigration demanded I provide a piece of ID with a more up to date picture than what was on my passport and the ROC visa was 1 day old. Everything else I had was older than that passport.

They let me in.


Even after they travel, they still do not appreciate how wonderful it is to have a country that works. May not be perfect but it works.

I kiss the ground every time I come back to Taoyuan airport, Pope style. Except when coming from Japan, the world outside gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Problem is that the person doing the littering and cussing is probably well connected in the Party and hence untouchable. Therefore, social credit will be a tool to keep people in line with Party issues or to harass more free thinkers in daily life, rather than ensuring social Neanderthals stay out of the streets.

Think about previous campaigns and how they were used, or rather, abused. You have the anti corruption for example. On paper, it was good. In practice, it just served to get rid of anyone opposing Xi’s unlimited rule.


Totally agree. We can see it’s already used to harass people. I have a friend from hong kong that is afraid to give her opinion on anything political. She just says that’s the governments decision and won’t comment further.


It’s crap being half free.
Those of us who are still free need to protect what we have no compromises.


Deadbeat debtors in North China’s Hebei province will find it more difficult to abscond as the Higher People’s Court of Hebei on Monday introduced a mini-program on WeChat targeting them.

Called “a map of deadbeat debtors”, the program allows users to find out whether there are any debtors within 500 meters.

this is so cool…next up, an App tracking people with STD


HIV positive would be a really handy one. :hushed:


What’s next?

Your salary/wage is based on how many likes you get?
If nobody put a heart emoticon on you, you won’t be able to ride taxi or bus?

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Im kinda mixed on this one, a lot of mainland tourists do stupid things on planes. I remember one guy opened the energency door to smoke.


Didn’t they make people watch videos on how to act traveling because they were embarrassing everyone like carving their names into Egyptian artifacts


I think it’s mandatory for tour groups departing China.


I wonder if anyone can find the videos. They must be hilarious.

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If they remove money and everything works on reputation, it will be straight of star trek


Just keeps getting crazier