China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains


I’m still amazed that foreigners want to go to China even for travel.
Feels like East Germany or USSR in the old days, but with hi-tech surveillance.
Such surveillance activities are being used/tested out west, and then will be brought back east.


There’s significant more opportunities for many foreigners in China compared to their neighboring countries. Coming from Western Europe and North America. Yeah it’s not nice. But it’s considerably nicer to other places.

And it’s a pretty wild time tbh. Feels like the Wild West in the good and bad ways.

But I suspect the romanticism of “China” in their head is a bit different. Seeing beautiful country sides and ancient Chinese shao Lin temples eating traditional Chinese food is probably what they had in mind. Not pollution, not preserved ancient temples and difficult to find good restaurants that won’t kill you.

Some of the major cities have their charm as well. Food can be very good if you find the right places but it’s not as easy as people might think.


I haven’t travelled around China that much just major cities. Once I got waylaid in a place called Jiu Zhai
Gou and it was spectacular. Blew me away. The water was a tropical blue color!
I suspect China still has lots of places like this especially in the West.
The cities mostly urggh although i quite liked Guilin, Nanjing and Suzhou. It’s the feeling you get when you travel around China now. The security checkpoints and police everywhere. Not very nice (especially when added on to the general.grimness in the North).

China is pushing out foreign youtube bloggers such as laowhy66 , Black in China and China Non Stop, they are all married and long term residents, recently they all lost their jobs, or had their visas cancelled and also warned by the security bureaus. In China if you are married you still need to apply for a work visa so they can stop you being able to make a living . In the case of China Non Stop they confiscated his passport and finally just gave him one month to leave China (after fifteen years there, married and has a kid ).
Look up China Non Stop in YouTube.

China is still attractive to many people especially those from corrupt poor countries as China is actually more organised , safer and richer for those guys.z

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I’ve seen nice rivers but then I’m told we shouldn’t go in or drink it because a factory up river dumps toxins in it and there’s no one to check these things there like a EPA.


Yeah I can see why that could be possible, however this place , Jiu Zhai Gou was a mountainous national park with some kind of Tibetan nomadic inhabitants.
It also has an airport which is built on a mountain top, it’s really crazy!

Not only the lake looks like that but the streams too.


Jiuzhaigou is absolutely beautiful, and probably the only reason I’d recommend someone visit China these days. The approach to the airport is incredible.

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AND SO IT BEGINS! Welcome to 1984. The bad 1984.

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It’s kind of funny, the attitudes surrounding this idea seem to be overall negative as far as I’m aware (not for the “well-behaved,” I imagine… but it brings me back to the cheering and support for 習近平 institution (unofficial?) as President for life.


The social credit update “will cover almost every aspect of daily lives including overdue water, phone bill and spouse information, will become a "second ID and invisible resume”.

any discredited behaviors will be recorded, leading to restrictions in credit losers’ daily activities.


just had a short trip over there to shenzhen. i had a good time but the amount of police, security, cameras, guards and general police state crap like that really disgusts me.

if they put half of the effort into making the country great than they did to protecting the governments place then the country would be a million times better.


I still await the red caps … Make China Great Again :wink:




Besides ‘social credit’ the score on the “Xi is my Master” App is being used to streamline peoples thoughts and behaviour.