China to take over Kenya's ports over unpaid debts


Dude your response came within seconds of my post being posted. Read it first; knee jerk posting is not interesting to me. I’m not your enemy, Bilbo Baggins.


Yea well someone repeatedly putting words in my mouth isn’t interesting to me

Neither are personal attacks


If you got the reference, you’d know that wasn’t an attack. Anyway, off the museum.


Oh ok, sorry. I missread the intention in that so


Are you going to look at some random oil squiggled on canvas , by a bearded Artist ? :smirk:


Yeah, mostly dirty European impressionists. Ooooh, fruit and flowers.


And what’s your point? Since 499 BC the Romans invaded many countries and took lots of slaves.

And what China does now is completely different from what happened in Congo.


My point, for about the fourth time, is that China is not the worst offender.

European and north American influence in Africa is not ancient history, its current.


China is much worse!


Fair enough that is your opinion, congratulations to you.

By the way which ongoing war that has killed over 500,000 people is China sponsoring right now?




Economic colonialism aka the Belt and Road Initiative (or whatever it is called).

Mombasa is the biggest port in East Africa, no joke.

The Arabs and Indians are not gonna like this.

China in a great position now, can play the oppressed while being the oppressor. Once again it is Africa who will suffer. Once Chinese establish strawmen to lead African countries, foreign entities will support militia groups (think Latin America in the 70s and 80s but much worse) and the continent will be ravaged with conflict for the foreseeable future.


Kenya was better under British rule…Chinese are the worst of the worst


You sure about that?

" Thousands of elderly people claim mistreatment, rape and torture by colonial forces"