China Visa Costs

American / Citizens of other countries

Single Entry $130 / $30

Double Entry $130 / $45

Multiple Entry for 6 Months $130 / $90

Multiple Entry for 12 Months $130 / $90

Multiple Entry for 24 Months $130 / $90

According to the above these are the fees. $130 for US citizen. My agent quoted me NT$6500 for single and NT$8800 for 1-year multiple tourist. I realize I have to pay something to everyone involved in shipping the passport to Hong Kong and making up fake paperwork, but NT$8800 seems a lot. And is the multiple that much extra work; PRC charges a flat $130. I guess its what the other agents charge here. Is it worth worrying and travelling back and forth in HK to do it myself and save $150. Also raises the question: is it possible to get 24 month tourist visa.