🇨🇳 🛂 China | Visa for China in Hong Kong. Gold Card enough?

That’s an option, and before the pandemic it worked the one time I used it. But I would like to have a little more time there if possible :slight_smile: Thanks for the input though

They should change their web page because it gives instructions on how to get a China Visa to include foreign nationals.

Maybe it’s an old web page.

I personally went in there they gave me all the information and the only reason I didn’t do it through them was because I was transiting Hong Kong anyway and it was much cheaper to do it myself in Hong kong.

Same for CTS.

They both gave me full instructions and talked about it went to Hong Kong and as little as 4 days return if want to pay enough money.


I wonder whether they provide service only for passports from specific countries? Wouldn’t make much sense but I wonder…

I’ll try again tomorrow with the last one of the list you linked and see what happens. Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

I went to a third agency (Redstar in Songjiand Rd) and I got some more meaningful information. They CAN provide the service, but you’re STILL required to fly to Hong Kong or Macau to apply. They explained me that this is because there’s now an additional step after the pandemic, which consists in an interview with an official (maybe to collect fingerprints?).

This would explain why the other agencies don’t offer this service anymore.


I applied for a PRC visa a few times in Singapore and I remember that they wanted proof that I was a resident there (aka visa), otherwise they said I could only apply in my own country. If Taiwan had a PRC embassy @maike a Gold Card would certainly be enough but since it doesn’t we can forget about it.

I remember that HK used to grant PRC visas to anyone, even if they were not HK residents. Is it still like that? @Mataiou

As to the proof of flight and bookings… well… be creative :speak_no_evil:

Ecen during the last 2 yrs before covid things were getting stricter and stricter. Without HKID could only get single entry visas, and only at the very shady travel agencies in MongKok or TST, china travel service would refuse u without proper documentation(letter of invitation and/or full travel plan)