China Visa from Taiwan w/o ARC?

I’m looking to visit China from Taiwan next month and need a visa. Here’s the problem: local travel agents tell me they can only get China visas for foreigners who have ARCs, and I’m on a temporary visa here. They said I’d have to go to Hong Kong and apply for a China visa in person, which would be a big waste of time and money. I suppose I could send my passport back to an agent in my home country (USA), but that seems a little dodgy, not to mention time-consuming. Does anyone have any better options?

There are travel agents around who will send it to the US for you (such as Interlink No dodgier than sending it to Hong Kong, and the only option other than doing it in person somewhere outside of Taiwan.

There are rules for China visas in every country …

Americans and other non-Europeans have it more difficult to get a visa for China in Belgium than locals …

Express visa:

It’s not only in Taiwan …

HK is luckily a place where most can get a visa without too many problems.

… and for some time now you need confirmed hotel reservations (for duration of your stay) or invitation of friends, family and airline tickets (return or out going) to get one. All on paper.

But I got my visa without a hassle in my home country, no questions asked as all the documents were there.

No more multiple tourist visa.

Cost: about 3,500 NT$ (86 Euro)

Thanks, zyzzx–Interlink it is! I’ve used them in the (distant) past and had a good experience, so it beats sending my passport off to an unknown agent or a relative in the States to process on my behalf. Plus, they advertise two-week turnaround time, which is good enough for my circumstances.

Belgian Pie, it seems to be the general rule now that they want you to apply for Chinese visas in the country of your official residence. Even the consulate (or whatever they call it) in Hong Kong supposedly requires HK/Taiwan residency, but judging from various forum postings, it looks like the “rule” is frequently ignored.

I was hanging between getting my visa in Belgium or in HK … got it here, no time lost in HK … and it’s always easier (probably cheaper) I guess to get it done in the home country. And no surprises.