China Visa Going From Taiwan, Works Like A Charm

It works like a charm… Let us know if you use it or works for you!

My recent Dec 06 experiences (I am from US with US passport) were quite simple getting a tourist visa enroute to Beijing from Taiwan as US passport holder living in Taiwan… Stopped in Hong Kong (HK) for about 10 hours and visa was processed within about 4 hours. While waiting for visa, caught train for my first visit to HK and enjoyed the day exploring, shopping, and eating. This will work going anyplace in China via HK. It will also work for other country passport holders, but there may be other options.

  • Purchased round-trip ticket to Beijing from Taiwan.
    – Hints: Arrive early (9ish) in HK with long layover and evening (7ish) departure to allow for extra visa processing time “just in case”. Very early arrival in HK will help in a number of ways. Just do it. Suggest layover 10 hours in HK. While unlikely, have alternative options in case visa takes overnight.

  • Departed Taiwan very early morning and scheduled 10 hour layover in HK.
    – Hints: Airlines will check baggage all the way to Beijing, but will only issue boarding pass to HK. Alternatively, don’t check any baggage. But better to check baggage instead of carrying baggage around HK for the whole day. Regardless of baggage check, after visa is processed you must process through check-in again in HK to obtain boarding pass for onward flight.

  • Upon arrival at HK airport early morning, went straight the China Travel Service (CTS) desk outside of immigration.
    – Hints: Desk is just outside immigration exit in arrivals hall. CTS Airport Service Counter, Arrivals Hall, A04, B05a Ph: (+852) 2261 2473; Hours: 0700-2100, website: There is a desk inside immigration but they only process visa for Taiwan residents. So others must exit immigration. Confirm phone number in case you want to call back to check visa status.

  • Filled out paperwork for visa.
    – Hints: Download paperwork in advance from website or China embassy websites. Might not be able to use the specific form, but at least will have all information filled in. Have 2 passport size photos.

  • Paid HK1200 for 3 hour processing of 90 day double entry visa. -- Hints: Different visa type cost different prices and may take longer. This 3 hour visa is probably the most expensive. Check websites for specifics. Have HK upon before departing, or exchange just outside immigration. Visa prices seem to range from HK$200 -HK$1400 depending on type and urgency of need.

  • Took express train to HK and explored, shopped, hung out at Starbucks, and ate.
    – Hints: Just across from CTS is a round service counter. Purchase one-day round trip ticket to/from town. Cheapest and easiest. After arriving in HK on train, grab taxi to interesting spot and enjoy the day!!!

  • Took express train back to airport.
    – Hints: Enjoy the ride from the opposite side of the train.

  • Go to CTS counter and pick up visa.
    – Hints: Ummm… say thanks…

  • Go to airline check-in counter and obtain boarding pass.
    – Hints: Ask for seat up front so can depart plane faster and start vacation in Beijing!

  • Go through immigration.
    – Hints: Eat and shop after passing immigration. Lots of food stands and large shopping mall. Maybe even free wireless but definitely can check internet inside immigration.

  • Board plane.
    – Hints: Have IPOD battery charged for onward flight.

  • Enjoy China!!!

I’m looking at going to China this summer. So thanks for the tips!

Does anyone know if a similar manoeuver works via Japan or Korea, instead of Hong Kong?

tango - you are of what nationality? some of us have to pay considerably more…

Not sure country has a substantal impact on cost if your from a certain group of countries, so let’s say I’m from US which possibly pays the most.

It’s like double the cost, double the time, double the restrictions, double the hassle.

Let me clarify, I am from US with US passport.

No, they don’t have visa offices for China right in the airport like HK does.


I’m going to Shanghai in January and I need to get my visa in Taiwan. I’ve enquired at a travel agent and they would be able to help me by sending my documents to Hong Kong - for a total of NTD 5700 though! I find it ridiculously expensive as back home I would have to pay 20 Euros, which equals to something less than NTD 1000.

I’m sure some of you have been in this situation before. What’s the best way to get a visa? Staying over in Hong Kong and get a visa there is no option for me…

Are there agencies in Taiwan offering this kind of visa service for a more reasonable price?

Would it be an option to give my passport to someone who is going overseas (Manila, Macao and Hong Kong), let her bring it to the embassy and ask them to post my passport back to Taiwan (I’d provide a courier return envelope), or would they rather not accept doing so?

Thanks heaps!


I was supposed to go to China last month (ended up having to postpone due to the need to move to a new apartment). I’ve been buying intl tickets through

They quoted me NT$2700 for a one month business visa.

Thanks for your reply! The travel agent is not in Taipei and unfortunately they only offer the visa service if buying airtickets through them… that means, I’d need another option.

I know someone living in Hong Kong and I could mail my passport there. Though the visa agent’s website says a Hong Kong entry chop in the passport is a requirement for visa issuance. Does anyone have any experiences regarding this?

Has anyone got another idea? I really should solve this issue soon as the departure is getting closer now… Thanks for help!

OK, here’s Mr He’s China visa made easy:

  1. Get some passport photos shot.
  2. Buy a ticket to Shanghai or wherever in China you are going to, get the layover in HK to be at least 8 hours, with you arriving as early as you can into HK.
  3. When in HK, leave the transit area, proceed to the China travel desk. (A4 or B4, when you go thorugh customs and enter the arrival hall walk to the left, and it will be right before the pub).
  4. Fill in the form they give you, give them your passport, the form, and the passport ticket.
  5. Wait a few hours.
  6. Pick up your visa.
  7. Check in, catch plane etc.

Once you have been in China 1-2 times and you have the chance to get invitations, go back to the country of your citizenship and apply for a one year business visa. After the first year, they can even give you 2 year business visas, multiple entry. Very nice to have.

Not sure why you don’t want to stop in HK. I stopped for 9 hours and it works great.

Thanks for your responses. The problem is: I got my tickets already and I’m not flying via Hong Kong but via Manila, and there is not enough layover time to get the tickets in Manila. That’s why I’d really need to get the visa while I’m still in Taiwan…

Now, in that case I can’t help you, my advice is to start calling travel agencies like crazy and see what can be done, or cancel the ticket and get another cia HK.

Why would you fly via manila, and what halfbrain booked that?When I look at cheap tickets from, I always get them via either HK, macao or Cheju.

At least in HK your visa would not be an issue.

China visas are US$100 for US citizens and about US$133 for UK people. Not sure which country you are from. But given that you will spend more than NT$2,000 making a stopover in HK, I’d say it’s a deal.

China travel is a travel agency right? I heard that you pay more because it is a travel agency but you can get the correct costs at the hong kong immigration office, is this right?

What would the HK immigration office have to do with visas for China? Visas for HK? No problem.


Well I meant the PRC Immigration Offices in Hong Kong. Sorry, for not being more clear.

I was just quoted an outrageous price from a TW travel agent to apply for a China visa from Taiwan (7900NT for single entry, 9900NT for multiple entry, 1 year). I’m a US passport holder and I’ll be travelling with a 1-year old, so stopping in Hong Kong for a day isn’t really an option. Has anyone had better luck with a local travel agency applying for the visa on their behalf? I was shocked by the price!