China's genocide of Uighurs and news supression


Recently China has been building massive prisons in isolated places in Xinjiang, and incarcerating entire town of Uighurs for “reeducation”.

The official excuse, when they are not denying it’s going on, say it’s of a tiny portion of the population and it’s targeting potential terrorists. However, what’s really going on is cultural genocide. Innocent Uighur population are forced into these massive prisons in the millions, and subjected to abuse.

Mihrigul Tursun who escaped from such a camp accused Chinese soldiers of sexually harassing female detainees. Female detainees were forced to shave their heads, shocked by electricity and forced to be video taped.

Interestingly, many news articles of prominent US news outlets were subsequently removed.

For example, the Washington Post article:

is now an 404 not found error.

Even Google’s backup cache of the page was removed.


See how there’s a green down arrow next to the green URL text for the article below, but not arrow for the Washington post article.

Aside from that, no prominent US news outlets even show up on google search for that hearing. Mihrigul Tursun was testifying in front of an US congressional committee for crying out loud.

What’s going on? I know why China is culturally and ethnically cleansing the Uighurs. Why is the world turning a blind eye?


It’s China, so it’s par for the course. Also covering it doesn’t bring in ad revenue like “Top 10 ways to get smashed this new year’s!” does. Not to mention at least some of these outlets have Chinese investors or other business ties.