China's genocide of Uighurs and news supression

No and that was the point brought up by @finley they are obviously dishonest and have on occasion walked us into wars in Iraq on imaginary WMD.

Thanks the point. But in this case regarding what’s happing ito the Uighurs I am inclined to believe them.

No. Epoch Times have first-hand sources of anything the Chinese cover up.

Western media may report events and incidents in China, but they never portray the Chinese Communists as political enemies; they never waged the kind of political warfare against the Conservative movement or the Trump movement.

I currently consider the Western media as corrupt, as dishonest, as as immoral as the CCP. The criticisms between various Lefts around the world, be it the Democrats or the Communists, are intra-ideological criticisms. They are meant to establish an image of self-righteousness, but not aimed to make political enemies out of the Chinese Communists or the American Cultural Marxists.

Gentlemen, can we please cut out this false equivalence?

The mainstream media in the West (if one could even generalize at that level) is far from perfect, but to the best of my knowledge it is not a running single party surveillance state presiding over a genocide.

Please stay focused!



Urmm, I bolded that last part because that is the only part that is true.
with regards to

running single party surveillance state

We got that already. Not just USA.

To be fair, the Western media is the propaganda wing of the Cultural Marxists of the West. The politbureau runs the show. The politbureau, conceptual speaking, resides at the boardrooms of investment banks such as Goldman Sachs. The reason why the investment banks implement cultural Marxism on the bottom 99% was mainly strategic, so that the top can remain the permeant global ruling class, whereas the bottom level is a flat level that can never challenge the top. This is how the Chinese communists rule China too. The idea of sovereign states each accountable by free-thinking, free-voting citizens threatens a one-world government (the euphemism of which is “global governance”).

If you examine at the very top level, both the Chinese Marxists and the Western Marxists wine and dine together at Davos and Singapore and any place the globalists mingle. The wire money to each other and form shell companies together (See Biden and Chinese Communists’ CEFC, Bohai Harvest, Rosemont Sineca, and Hudson West).

That might be the craziest post I have read in quite some time.

Right! It’s in IP. Now I get it.

Bye for now!



Wow, and the CCP wins. They have successfully convinced you and others @Mick that you shouldn’t trust media.
I’m really saddened by your posts.

For the record, they’re not the same at all.


Someone still trusts media?

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Not all of us are American here. :grin:



Follow the money. China’s wealth is their leverage on the world.


Today’s problem with inability to filter information, in a nutshell. You’re right, this is exactly what CCP, or Putin’s Russia, wants to happen.

The more people distrust journalists, and institutions, and experts, the easier is it to plant disinformation.

Always sad to see people go down this road, doing the heavy lifting for countries like China and Russia.

That’s why I’ve always pointed out in the past, there are a lot of actions here that remind me of Russian bots (or CCP ones I guess).

Because bot or not, when you do their work for them in helping create confusion and doubt without real merit, you may as well be one.


While it may be true that a lot of media writers twist the truth, often the truth is twisted by people in authority itself. What is media supposed to write?

For example, an account of how the US govt. supported rape and torture in Guatemala:

See the amount of effort they put in to hide the truth, deny access to info etc

I think you’re missing the point. The lying in Western media is different both in type and in quantity compared to (say) China or Russia, but it’s undeniably there, and that undermines their credibility. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. It’s not the public doing it for them.

If the Western media want to restore their credibility, they need to be a lot more circumspect about what they publish, and perhaps make more effort to call out their peers who publish propaganda on behalf of puppetmasters.

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All too often this generalization is made though, and equivalency drawn, as if you can’t believe anyone.

I find this tact incredibly lazy, personally.

For example, I could count on 20 hands the number of times someone posted a CNN link here, which was attacked for being CNN, without any kind of breakdown as to why it wasn’t accurate.

Like I said, lazy.


‘We shouldn’t trust the lying western media- look at how it blacks out that the CCP is committing genocide in Xinjiang.’
‘Wow, where’d you see that?’
‘It’s all over the BBC, the Guardian, CNN, the Washington Post…’


Boohoo! Beijing plays the victim as Canada’s parliament votes on a genocide resolution.


Who is ‘they’?
The reporters doing their job reporting about Uighurs and China in the reports above ?
Why are ‘they’ not credible ?

If you aren’t talking about ‘them’ specifically (the reporters and their writing about Uighur possible genocide) you are just spreading anti media propaganda and sowing confusion at the detriment of the truth getting out of China.

Exactly Putin’s and Xis playbook and you fall for it , even using the language the propagandists created.

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Let’s take the CBC report on the Canadian parliament genocide vote as an example. That’s the video I linked directly above.

At first I wondered what the CBC was doing by giving Beijing’s representative this space to muddy the waters, claiming that China is being maligned and victimized, that it’s all an internal affair of China, etc. Hence my snarky introduction to the video.

Then the CBC reporter on the ground in China (at least he is for now) spoke about how the authorities in Beijing keep switching up their story, pointing out the ways the explanations coming from Beijing simply don’t line up.

No Uighur person speaks—they continue to be spoken for.

It’s far from perfect journalism, but it does leave us with some space to think about what’s happening in Xinjiang and what Canadian parliament (and, by extension, what others around the world) could or should be doing.


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Why are journalists and the media supposed to be perfect but others get a free pass?

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Who cares if it’s true? As long as it paints China in a bad light it’s good. If they want good press they should start behaving.

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