China's 'little dragons' (sic) on Discovery Channel

While looking for stuff about the new (?) show on Travel & Living channel, Fun Taiwan, I came across this:

[quote]TRV — Globe Trekker
Hong Kong & Taiwan

These countries are inextricably linked to their massive neighbor, full of eastern traditions yet inspiring in their modernity. Megan goes in search of two places forging forward into the twenty-first century, [color=red]China’s[/color] ‘little dragons’ Hong Kong and Taiwan
tv :: pg

On Air (et/pt):
JUN 07 2006
@ 04:00 PM (Travel Channel)[/quote]

I wonder what this will be like? It might be part of China’s united front strategy or whatever they call it. Do people get Travel Channel here in Taiwan? I don’t. Maybe someone who does can tape it and upload if it’s politically interesting.

Dear all,

It was shown a while back here in the states on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).

I don’t remember the shows except I do remember in the one on Hong Kong, Megan was doing her commentary when Mick Jagger happened to walk by and go up some stairs.

Megan was surprised and enthused to see Mick.

But, Megan’s always very upbeat and energetic on the show. She’s also quite attractive.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.