China's next gambit to save its economy will export dystopia worldwide

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That’s scary!

Relax, it’s an opinion column.

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They have several Latin American countries as dear customers already.



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Silly opinion columns. Leave it to them ti worry about something 20 years too late. Already here and happening.

The West already admires the implementation of these surveillance measures in China…without interference.


Article doesn’t even mention their competitor Israel, who have been trying very hard for a number of years to become a surveillance tech hub.

Going up the value chain means software. Software means internationalisation. It’s a big leap for a country that has essentially closed itself off from the rest of the world. Not saying it can’t be done. They already make most of the world’s top camera gear now, well that’s what the guy at the camera shop told me. :slight_smile:

Not closed itself to the world, but rather locked everyone out and made its own quiet incursion into everyone’s business…And many have yet to find out.

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They might be “closed to the world”, but the world is not closed for them. That is the genius of their tyranny. And the rest ofnus cannot talk smack about them as it would show our own hypocrisy. Fear of being called out. Thats why trump works it seems. Takes a mental case to put on in his place so it seems :frowning:

If China is good at anything it is about not giving a F and being relatively patient with certain cultural plans. Though they are also egocentric, psychopathic and greedy so time will tell…

Time may already be telling. They really showed their hand with Hong Kong. Hopefully other countries are taking notice.

America is hardly afraid of being called a hypocrite over it’s own human rights abuses. It works have to see others they abuse as humans to begin with.

Other countries aren’t calling them out because solely of the trade partnerships. China has leveraged it’s consumer base and work force very well. Countries/companies can move to other SE countries (perhaps Africa one day) to insulate any losses but at the end of the day it’s still China holding the cards.

Yes true. My comment was more aimed at the general population. They, the people who make social media somehow “important” are the ones that rarely call out china. Think about all the extreme human rights etc groups, even the middle ground folk, they dont speak up cause they know half their shit is made in china. Then they say there is no choice, which is 98% wrong, they just dont want to spend a couple extra dollars or minutes searching. Hypocrites. And it looks bad being one, thus they tend not to say much publicly online as it really does make them look like douchebags.

I think you’re giving them far more credit than due. Yes, there are some who know the issues but want that cheap stuff/influencer paycheck .

But I think many more are caught up in the here and now because instant gratification is a respite from their routine lives.

Seems the most recent gambit is stopping money from leaving. They must have seen a huge drop in currency reserves since 2018

Reviving this thread because we don’t seem to have a dedicated Chona economy thread, but didnt think this was worth starting a new one

been an issue for a while now, no? Seems lots of chinese have escaped their shackles and discussed money being difficult to get out. wasnt there a whole buying/return scheme involved a couple years back about this? Personally I have little pity for those that invest in China then get F’d by China. invest with more ethics or accept the karma when/if it comes

Or…perhaps try some of those mouth frothingly gorgeous chinese binds! yum yum!

Edit: chinese bonds! leaving the original for clarity in reply.

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The foot thing?

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That’s what a Chona thread is for

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haha, thanks for the face save! Chona/bind all good. I meant bonds :innocent:

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