China's Population Decline is Da Bomb

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Yeah, how much power did he project to the world?

The governor or California just literally cleaned the streets for Xi, who was then given standing ovations by the worlds richest douchebags. On camera! :movie_camera:

you said this, holding power is different from projecting power. English might not be my first language, but I do think here my interpretation is correct. He doesn’t hold the maximum amount of power in the country, especially on the population yet, have yet to see the great leap forward catastrophe or the cultural revolution arsons, albeit some strong indicators of concerning developments can already be seen.


Did you miss the Covid lockdowns?

Did you miss the protests that ended them?

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That he caves to pressure doesn’t negate what I said. It kind of proves my point about the crappiness of top down leadership. :idunno:

Furthermore, I’d say that caving in was more an economic thing. They needed to get the people working at the time.

Nobody was disagreeing with this


China’s population of over 1.4 billion could drop by a precipitous 60 percent by the end of the century, according to a Chinese think tank.

By 2100, the world’s second-largest population could number just 525 million, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) has predicted.

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That’s one sassie of a forecast.

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Oh nice, just in time for Chinese lunar Christmas.

To control public opinion and forestall anti-government sentiment, Ohlberg said, control of critical posts domestically is pivotal. “Chinese authorities,” she said, “have a big interest in tracking down users who are based in China.”

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China’s economy had a miserable year. 2024 might be even worse | CNN Business

What made things worse was Beijing’s stubborn embrace of a zero-Covid policy of stringent lockdowns and its sweeping crackdown on private enterprise, which deeply hurt confidence and battered the most vibrant part of the economy.

Are they the ones running across the US southern border? lol

Many hospitals in China stop newborn delivery services as birth rate drops

A visualization on the situation in the PRC, from Reuters:


So birthrate was already trending down when they introduced the one child policy. That was a bit silly.

u never too sure, right?