China's rapid rise spurs Americans to learn Chinese

I thought this was interesting.
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Interesting post. Here’s another view

Will Chinese language students choose Taiwan?

Chang Fu-mei, minister of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, says

Tens of thousands of American high school students being able to say “May I have a bathroom pass?” in Chinese and not much else. Watch out world!

The Taiwanese education system is very introspective. You can’t expect them to think about Americans coming here to learn Chinese. All the efforts in that department hitherto have been made by the Dept of Foreign Affairs, which a long time ago realised giving scholarships to foreign students to come here was a bloody good idea. It still is.

Despite the relative prevalence of Min’nanyu here (Taipei city) now comapred to 15 years ago I still think Taiwan is a better place to learn Mandarin than HK. You can struggle by in HK sometimes with Mandarin, but it’s a bit like going to Paris to learn English.