China's spy games

Should we be concerned or is this just scaremongering?

It seems China is striving to get to the top of the ladder through the illegitamate process of spying and espionage. It’s reassuring to know that nearly every western and developed eastern country is pumping billions into China without a care in the world while China is taking the whole world for a ride with its uncouth and deceitful business practices.

Should international investment in China be limited or curtalled or is the whole world going to stand by and let the buggers get a way with it?

Chinese Defector in Belgium Exposes Industrial Spying in Europe

Student association provides cover for member of a network of Chinese communist industrial spies in several European nations.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Should we be concerned or is this just scaremongering?

Should international investment in China be limited or curtalled or is the whole world going to stand by and let the buggers get a way with it[/quote]

When the media targets one country to point out industrial spying, it’s scaremongering.

If investments were stopped in all countries promoting industrial spying, all the stock exchanges would shut down.

For a partial list of high profile industrial cases check out:

You’ll find such goodies as:

Industrial Espionage, etc
CA Files Lawsuit Against Quest Software (09.JUL.2002)
Tales of Betrayal, Sabotage, & Skullduggery (01.JUN.2002)
A $1 Billion, Corporate-Funded Hack? (19.APR.2002)
The Avant! Saga: Does Crime Pay? (03.SEP.2001)
Engineer Sentenced In Trade Secrets Case (22.JUN.2001)
California Hack Is Possible IT Surveillance (13.JUN.2001)
Nailing the Company Spies (01.MAR.2001)
Turning Fear Into Compliance
Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0
Reported Arrests Under the Economic Espionage Act
Text of Economic Espionage Act

Check out the entry for “Reported Arrests Under the Economic Espionage Act” especially the case

[quote]This case involved the alleged theft of trade secrets relating to Bristol-Myers’ anti-cancer drug Taxol. Specifically, the trade secrets related to a new process for the production of Taxol by genetic engineering. According to published reports, Kai-Lo Hsu (a technical director for Taiwan’s Yuen Foong Paper Co.) and Chester S. Ho (a biochemist and professor at a Taiwan university) were arrested on June 14 during an FBI sting operation at the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. The secret meeting was arranged by a “technology information broker” who was accompanied by a person posing as a corrupt Bristol-Myers’ scientist.

The indictment alleged that Kai-Lo Hsu and Jessica Chou agreed to initially pay $400,000 for the Taxol technology. Chester S. Ho was apparently at the June 14 secret meeting to verify the value of the secret Taxol technology. According to published reports, Jessica Chou is believed to be in Taiwan which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. Yuen Foong Paper Co. reportedly called the charges “completely groundless and untrue” and the company is still under investigation for possible indictment under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996.[/quote]

Can’t say if this incident caused for any reduction in investment in Taiwan.


I have been trying to figore out how my Homer Simpson / Mao corpse avatar got censored and banned from display.
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Its a conspiracy of PRC agents via Austrailia infiltrating the Forumosa board stifiling evidence of their existence.[quote]Former top CSIS agent backs Chinese defector claims of spies in Australia
Wed Jul 6,10:25 PM ET

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - A former Canadian spymaster has backed claims by a Chinese defector that China maintains an extensive spy network in Australia.

The former chief of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s Asia-Pacific Bureau, Michel Juneau-Katsuya, backed the claims of Chen Yonglin, a former employee of the Chinese consulate in Sydney, Australia, in an interview with Australian television late Wednesday.(read the article…) … _cda_spies[/quote]