China's U20s team wont play after Tibetan flag protest


Germany has allowed China’s U20 football team to play friendlies against Germany’s low tier football league to prepare for the Olympics. They wouldn’t play a match after some protesters put up the Tibetan flag. Chinese government of course hit back and demanded a ban in any protest not in favor of the the party. Germany refused saying freedom of speech and protest is allowed in Germany and they can’t expect Germans bend for the ccps request. Now it seems the incident has drawn wayyy more attention and they expect more protests to piss the Chinese off. It’s small now, but the Olympics are around the corner in Japan and this could turn out to be something bigger if the CCP tries to get the Olympic committee, Japan or the city of Tokyo to ban anything that the Chinese doesn’t like during the games.’s-Under-20-Games-in-Germany-Postponed-due-to-Tibetan-Flag-Protest


Lessons from London taught us that the IOC does not allow flags from non-IOC nations to be flown, waved, or otherwise shown in areas holding events. Remember in 2012 a lot of Taiwanese flags got removed, even outside of the venues. People waving said flags were also excused from the premises.


Why does china get so butt hurt over small things, they are like spoilt little children.


Now they Beijing decided to pull out and fly their players home. Imagine 19 year old kids who are nobodys in the football world act like this and refusing to play seeing 6 protesters in a game…they are playing the lowest of the low and still getting their asses kicked.