Chinatrust Branch Near Heping and Fuxing/Dun Hua?

Hey there,

I’m looking to open an account at a Chinatrust Bank. I haven’t run into one yet (just started looking). Does anyone know of one in this neighborhood: Heping and Fuxing or Dun Hua?

Thanks! … 02-07-0001

that’s the website with all the locations

in case you have problem connecting, here’s a few

公館分行 Gung-guan Branch
1F, No. 281, Section 3, Roosevelt Road

大安分行 Da-an Branch
1F, No. 102, Section 2, Roosevelt Road

信義分行 Sinyi Branch
1F, No. 236, Section 4, Shinyi Road

延吉分行 Yangi Branch
1F, No. 298, Jhongsiao (Chung-Xiao) East Road


Thanks a lot!