Chinese advise China to bomb Australia

Fuck you Xi Jinping!


Yeah bomb all the Chinese owned houses and apartments and condos and flats. And the kids living in them.

China so stupid they’re just poisoning the world against them


Enough is enough, time to grow a pair Aus.

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Meh. The author is probably some fat, balding little Walter Mitty fantasizing about strutting shirtless through Canberra with a handheld minigun. I doubt this represents PLA/CCP policy.


Whatever, when i see chinese products boycotted, the rgime under embargo, then ill give a country a round of applaus. China has done far worse for generations. If the world didnt.give 2 fucks during the genocide in tibet while hina.wasnt even.making everything for everyone, i have little hope in the good will of the international community nowadays. Even they gave us a massive virus and the WHO backs china and ignores taiwans reaponse.

Fuck china? Perhaps. Fuck everyone doing business with them or buying made in china, absolutely! It takes a world of hypocrites to enable such a tyrant.


Exactly. Like how can China not see they are digging themselves deeper with each step… within a span of a month they moved themselves to the top of the list for most hated countries on earth, and while they were up there started insulting Sweden with shotguns, engaging in trade war with Australia, pestering Japan with new jet incursions, blamed Italy and Spain for new virus origins (and of course the US too), racked up 3000 jet incursions in Taiwan’s ADIZ, and pretty much ruined Hong Kong in front of the world while expelling or imprisoning journalists, having the balls to keep growing their concentration camps, and now instead of apologizing for Chinese rocket debris for which there will surely be more in the future, they demand US apologize for hyping it and now their Global Times mouth piece is threatening attacking Australia!?!


Some say USA/UK won’t get involved if China bombs Taiwan… maybe, maybe not. They most certainly would take on China if they attacked Australia though.

Something that controversial wouldn’t get approved by a state newspaper unless they wanted to send a message. China is becoming more like North Korea with its war mongering rhetoric with each passing month. What next? Will they start threatening to turn us into a “lake of fire” like Kim routinely says about Seoul?


Aus won’t start a war with China, but they’d finish one.


China probably realizes most of those apartments and condos are empty and were just purchased as investments. Part of the reason why everyone in Aus and NZ hates the Chinese.


It was from the Global Times. A Communist Party mouthpiece.


For sure yes, with the ANZUS agreement ANZUS - Wikipedia. Australia and Chinese relations are very bad now, as Australia is smaller nation they(China) will say things they would not say to the Americans. Not much different than what say to/do Taiwan.

Well i wasn’t suggesting that. more like putting a stop to things like this

China are quite clearly taking a dump on Aus from a great height. Openly threatening war in the government news is far enough.

  • “If they are bold enough to co-ordinate with the US to militarily interfere in the Taiwan question and send troops to the Taiwan Straits to wage war with the PLA, they must know what disasters they would cause to their country.”*

It’s a meaningless article

The west and Australia should just hit China where it hurts. Stop giving Chinese students visas.

Might have to subsidize the schools but these students are mostly mediocre and barely speak a foreign language anyways. Really hurts the brand in the long run. Half of my Chinese classmates can barely speak English. I was in a group project with all Chinese students and I forced them to speak English but eventually gave up and we all just switched to Chinese.


They are tesing the international community to see how far they can push. And intentionally going inch by inch to get the dumb bastards used to it.

They only do it cause we all enable it. truth hurts. But no where near as much as paying a fair price for a product in the west, thats pain!


haha, You got a Chinese style poll (no real choice) in response. You hurt the Chinese people’s feeling. As of here in Kao City, I do not want Chinese buying all our homes too and happy see much less tourist too. I am happy see Australia push back on China and say nice words about Taiwan.

I didn’t make that dumb poll. Don’t get me confused with that other guy please.

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I know you did not make the strange Chinese poll, the overseas man made.

That’s where it all started to go wrong 20 odd years ago. Greedy companies outsourcing and greedy consumers demanding cheap crap.

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