Chinese Almost-Stand-Up (相聲)

I’ve been watching these lately, and am wondering if others here have some stand-up comedy or “crosstalks” (相聲) that they would recommend.

I miss a fair chunk of the dialogue to vocabulary shortage and the lack of subtitles, but I think most learners could understand the thrust of their skits:

This one is immensely easier:

Thanks for the tip. I dont have time to watch, but my kids love it!

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If you are talking about Taiwan’s 相聲 there are a few classics that you just can’t miss:

There were a series of revolutionary cross talks in Taiwan by “Performance Workshop” in the 80s and early 90s. It’s revolutionary in the sense that it combines cross talk with some theater elements. Their performance was new, they were daring and challenges the authorities at the time. Some of the jokes seems harmless now, but quiet serious back in the late 80s to early 90s. Stuff that needs to be followed with please don’t arrest us.

That Night, We Perform Cross Talk, 1985 (這一夜,我們說相聲)

This Night, Who Performs Cross Talk, 1989 (This one is my personal favorite) (那一夜,誰來說相聲)

Strange Tales of Taiwan, 1991 (台灣怪譚)

I really love the last one, but it really breaks all boundaries of cross talk. It’s a one man show, but it isn’t a stand up either. It’s a weird mix of cross talk, stand up and theater. There are deep social messages embbeded in this piece, and a lot of self-reflection. It’s still hilarious, but can be a bit heavy in places.

It’s a bunch of second generation late immigrants, so in the early first two pieces, even the Taiwan related stuff are limited to tales of the military village. But their work actually goes through a slow transformation towards more and more Taiwan oriented.

if you like these, then there is a theater piece called Secret Love, Peach Blossom Spring (暗戀桃花源) in the same vein.

(Posting link to the movie version, because it flows better) … 154E986643