Chinese and English Office XP

My wife and I want to share the same notebook PC. She wants to use Chinese Office XP and I want to use English Office XP. I already have multi-language version of the XP OS, but I am having trouble finding this type of version for Office. Does anyone have any solutions?

If you are familiar enough with Office I would simply suggest using the chinese version as it has all the features of the English version, such as spell and grammar check.

The other possibility is to TRY installing both versions in separate directories, separate hard drives if possible. I use option 1, so this may in fact not work. If it doesn’t, at least you can tell us that it doesn’t work!

And yet another possibility is to use OpenOffice which is free and does everything most mortals need to do anyways.

Iris gave me a cd sometimes ago. It’s English Language pack for Chinese Office XP.
Once installed, you can go to the language setting and toggle the interface anytime you want it.


There is something called the Multilingual User Interface Pack which will allow you to switch the language on your interface to any of 16 different languages. It can only be installed on English Office XP.

It costs money, but the (ahem) “ethically challenged” can find it easily enough on the Internet.

Also, Microsoft claims that you can switch the interface language to English on their localized versions of Office XP. I’m still trying to find out how exactly to do this.

This page ( has some information on this stuff.

This Hong Kong site ( also has some interesting multilingual operating advice.

There is an inexpensive solution. Get Red Hat 9. I have it installed on my system and I can switch between all the different languages easily. I use the package and it changes the menus all from English to Chinese with no problems.


Being a dedicated Linux user myself (RedHat RawHide) I must say that the input of Chinese is not always as easy and well supported …

A localised version gives you always a bit more power … so go for the localised version. It will improve your Chinese too :wink:

Thanks ax and Bobdobba. I try to find either the Multilingual User Interface Pack or the English Language pack for Chinese Office XP.