Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

Participate an international Buddhist project!
The Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia ( ) is a large scale and vast project with numerous different aspects and purposes:

  1. provide easy access to vast amount of materials for everyone with access to internet
  2. create a platform for Mandarin and English speaking Buddhists to interact, co-operate, work and study together
  3. gather all available existing digitized materials, review them, categorize and post them online.
  4. collaborate with relevant universities, monasteries, institutions, libraries, museums and individuals from around the globe
  5. continue digitizing more materials
  6. use the advantages of modern technology to develop different forms of Buddhist education (both on and offline)
  7. create a international team of specialists interested in those topics, who would collaborate and meet on regular bases

We are looking for volunteers for following positions:

Translators- that applies to people who are fluent in English and Chinese and who could help us with translating letters, texts and documents.

Editors- the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project needs a lot of data research and editing. Usually every editor has their own Buddhism related topic(s) (English and Chinese speakers)

Advisers- people who have strong Buddhist background and education are welcome to join the team

If you think you want to participate then please visit our website for more information.

Just spent about about half an hour reading through some of the articles.

I mainly looked at the “Famous Buddhists” and “Buddhist Teachers” categories. (I found it revealing to note which persons had qualified for inclusion at this early stage of the project and what the encyclopedia had to say about them.)

(1) I found it very strange that it should be called an “Encyclopedia of Chinese Buddhism”. There were far, far more entries for prominent Tibetan, Mongolian and Western teachers than for Chinese teachers.

(2) Most of the bibliographic entries that I read seemed more like hagiographies than the kind of biographies that you would expect to see in a work bearing the name “encyclopedia”.

(3) Most of the entries were cut-and-paste jobs from Wikipedia. Some of them were straight copies with no changes at all.

(4) One article I clicked on at random was written in the first person.

(5) The category called “Buddhism related articles” seems to be a hodge-podge of unclassified articles copied from various places on the Internet. Some have titles befitting tabloid journalism (“Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ found by Nazis is confirmed to be extraterrestrial” caught my eye!).

It may be worth a browse if have time to kill, but it’s not really an “encyclopedia” as we generally understand the term.

For a real encyclopedia on Buddhism, the best to date still seems to be Buswell, R.(ed) Encyclopedia of Buddhism (Macmillan 2004).
Irons (ed.) Encyclopedia of Buddhism is not too bad, but it’s mainly about East Asian Buddhism.
As an online resource, the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism ( contains some scholarly encylopedic entries, though it is still a work in progress.

If hes posting on forumosa and not h-buddhism or even the related facebook group, you can guess the quality. I didn’t even to bother looking at the website, though you got my interest with the ironman entry!

Oh, actually the nazi ironman alien is something real, but that title is hysterical

Thanks for sharing!!! ^^

P/s: I am interested to help but I do not have wiki-editing knowledge =(