Chinese character printing problems

A strange problem keeps dogging me.

Printing a chinese document from MS word comes out (1) missing chinese characters or (2) “funky” chinese meaning it looks like it but it’s not and (3) the formatting comes out misaligned.

The missing chinese character problem is the biggest problem as it’s the most often. Almost all print jobs with chinese characters comes out bad. I’ve updated all drivers. Printer is an HP.

I ran a test where I converted the MS Word doc into a PDF doc and the print out was just fine. Running through searches and help forums haven’t turned up much that I can use.

I’m perplexed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you tried patching Word? Try going to and applying any updates it suggests. (You will have to use Internet Explorer because only it can run updates.) One of the things that has improved a lot over the years is language support in Word/Office, so if your copy is especially old you might want to upgrade. Another thing to try is changing the font. Your current font might have some brokenness.

Thanks jlick. The changing of the fonts wasn’t something I thought about trying. The fonts used are standard in Chinese MS Word, version MS Office 2000 Chinese Traditional Professional. All MS Office patches have been installed.

Let me see how that works.