Chinese class recommendations

Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that they offer night classes. I guess the Chinese classes at universities are only meant for regular school hours. So if I was a cram school teacher, it’d be no problem since cram school is always at night. Since I teach public school though… I guess my options are limited

When you live in Taiwan, you want to learn Taiwanese Mandarin. It’s very good to learn shi vs. si vs. xi, etc. when you’re just starting out (and you’ll sound more natural when speaking with a Taiwanese accent, because your brain isn’t thinking of the English sounds. I say that as someone who knows a lot of ABCs with great Mandarin but still sound weird whenever a /s/ or /x/ sound is involved) but after that, I would say if you’re in Taiwan, learn the Taiwanese Mandarin. And you’re just wasting your time with simplified characters if you live here. No one can read them, let alone use them, and you’re missing out on why most characters look the way they do. Working with a Chinese (from China) teacher also runs the risk of being reminded, berated, and even mocked for “sounding Taiwanese”, which “isn’t the Chinese you should be speaking” (my personal experience in China, before I’d even been to Taiwan).

Most of the schools people have listed above have online 1:1 courses for ~650/hr. You could even pick a school in Hualien or Kaoshuing if you think that’d be a better fit.

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