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Other than NTNU, does anyone have any recommendations for taking Chinese classes here in Taipei? I’ve been looking into NTNU, I would just like to know of any other good options.
Something not too intensive, as I have a full time job.


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Check TMI, TCA, TMC, TLI all located generally in the same area near Roosevelt Road, generally all within the same rates, and only as intensive as you want them to be.

Never go to NTNU for chinese. They are only happy when taking your money. Complaining about anything only brings exasperation and dismissal. Older teachers still regard themselves as gods. It’s not 1973 anymore


Chinese Culture University is way cheaper and flexible, but I did’nt try. I only tried NTNU but only bad experience there. If you have a full time job maybe take class one on one, group class is a bit scam.

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I took evening classes at Shih Chien University’s Chinese Language Center. It’s a smaller program with less students and great teachers, yet same price or less than the cost of a lot of other places. I had a great experience there. Let me know if you want any more information.

I just started at Taipei Mandarin CEnter and I like it. I have nothing to compare it to however.
I’m doing 3 hours per week but they do have longer / more frequent classes as well but I couldn’t commit to more time at this point.

How about TV programs?

Pioneer and TLI for 1:1 tutoring. And #1 is get a significant other who tutors you as well. If the s.o. Isn’t helpful then find 1 that is; plenty of fish in the sea. Get to the point that you can largely teach yourself as soon as possible so your $ investment is small because the ROI is iffy :

I found NTNU more instructive for the rude authority figures as an example of Chinese culture than for learning Chinese. At NTNU, you pay for a whole quarter and they could care less whether you are a satisfied customer.

ICLP is a scam in my opinion but if $ is no problem then getting scammed won’t hurt much.

Your own drive and determination are more important than any program. Today on Coursera there are free Chinese courses. If you have an ARC without attending school, I would not pay 1 NT to learn Chinese.

Where is this located? Can you please share their website?

that piece was in 2012.
would not be surprised if he was “kicked” out of commieland for it soon after

Taipei Mandarin Center/台北語学センター/타이페이 언어중심

Sorry for the late reply. Here is the website

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