Chinese Classical/Folk music

I’m a bit ignorant about this sort of stuff, lately, though, I’ve come to realize I really enjoy the erhu and other traditional chinese instruments. Has anyone got any suggestions/sources for listening?

I’m looking for more the soulful, haunting sound the erhu does so well rather than temple style bangs and noise. (although, I enjoy that, too, at times) I may only be showing my lack of knowledge here, so by all means educate me as to what I should go and listen to. I’m open to any suggestions.

slightly off topic: try this link: Good Taiwanese Music

folk: I would suggest Lin Sheng Xiang (English translations/meaning of the songs comes with the “Growing Up Wild” cd/booklet set

Thanks for that. I’ll check out the link. I’m interested in contemporary Taiwanese music. I’ve heard a fair bit of the indie pop/rock variety at clubs.

And I’ll check the CD out, also. What I’m really after, however, is old school traditional/classical. I’ve been to a couple of classical concerts where the musicians have used both western and eastern arrangements and instruments. Its the straight up Chinese style compositions and instruments I like to listen to. Western classical music played on an erhu doesn’t do it for me. And straight western classical I’ve had enough exposure to.

Youtube/Google is probably the answer.