Chinese Communists faking Taikonaut photos

I thought this thread from the Snopes board was pretty interesting. Apparently Beijing feels the need to fake Taikonaut photos.

But really, I just wanted to plagiarize the work one guy in that thread did in taking it all a step further:


Spot the difference (apart from the faces):

It looks like the blue patch–I assume it’s the “mission” patch–has been added in, but in slightly different positions in the two photos.

This is geeky, but I like to compare photos like this side by side by crossing my eyes, to make them into something like an old fashioned stereoscope. When I do this, the blue patch jumps out right away, but everything else is exactly the same.

Besides the fact that those are possibly the worst fake photos ever?

I think China has it shit together enough that if they did decide to fake some photos they might get someone to do it who actually knows how to use photoshop.

Are we to believe that these photos are actually presented by the PRC?

is this a joke and I missed the punch line? :s

Are we to believe that these photos are actually presented by the PRC?[/quote]

They are from the Chinese government. … 13833.html

It’s completely different lighting, the suits are basically the same picture although they added a little black color with the black thingy, the heads are also too large for the suits. Bad faking job … :s :noway: