Chinese conversation book

Alright, I’m throwing this goddamn Shi Da text book in the trash.

Are there any decent Chinese language conversation books out there, like Side By Side Chinese or something?

Side by side for chinese would rock! But no i haven’t found anything even remotely familiar!!

I have the Intermediate Conversation Book (don’t know the exact name), found it at the Mandarine Daily News.

I noticed that most learning Chinese books are limited in visuals. shrugs

Nope, there aren’t.

The closest thing I’ve seen is a series called “Interactions” (I think it was called…), which had 2 volumes. I’ve bought it in Taiwan before, but about 2 years ago.

Beware, however, the lack of repetition and reinforcement in this kind of book (oh, sorry, not that that’s not a prime problem with the Shita text as it now stands)…but it’s hard to learn Chinese with, say, the Far East series. Although they claim to present useful conversational stuff, they never mention anything again once it’s presented, so either you’re a genius or you don’t get it. That’s probably the most functionally-oriented book I’ve heard of so far.

Somebody get me some serious grant money and we’ll turn out some interesting stuff… :laughing: