Chinese Conversion Software


I have English windows 97 running on my laptop and want my GF to have the ability to type chinese. Does anyone know where to buy this software or have a copy they want to lend me for a day (for a fee of course)?

I think some popular titles are Twinbridge and NJ star.

I just don’t want to spend the $100.00 - 300.00 asking price through a software company… you know?


If win OFFICE 97 is all you want - it is all available free - use windows update to get Chinese Traditional - and go to your keyboard in windows control panel and add chinese to your keyboards. Bopomofo and many other ways, EXCEPT pinyin, are available.

Not enough - and you are registered - send me an email.


Pinyin entry is available – though maybe it won’t work on an English system. See my post.

And here’s info about downloading the Microsoft Chinese-entry program.


You guys are so smart… thanks!


I was introduced to a software yesterday that blew me away! I didn’t find it posted elsewhere on the boards but I apologize in advance if it’s already been mentioned.

I’m so amazed by it, what a way to learn Chinese characters! Basically the way it works is, once you’ve downloaded the software – each time you put your cursor over Chinese characters (in webpages, Word documents, etc.) – a little window appears next to your cursor showing the translation, the pronunciation, and the characters themselves in both complicated and simplified versions, AND, you can hear how the word is actually pronounced.

Away with Chinese-English dictionaries!