Chinese copycat cars

Told you guys how excited my dadphone was about all those cheap Chinese cars flooding our roads? Well, as per these prices, they are being sold at triple in the old country.

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I used to bring back fake iPhones from China. I don’t think I can squeeze a car into my bag.

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It is indeed a shame that some people can’t seem to work out that the PRC have been doing this across all industries for years. There is a reason that regulations make vehicles expensive to design and test in the West and Japan. Japan copied ideas in the 70’s but they continually improved and , indeed , surpassed many western designs with continual design and tool investment.
PRC will steal whatever they can and don’t care .
but but orange man ( or anyone rocking the boat )bad the ignorant will bleat …w*nkers . wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late . Just my humble opinion . If I have offended anyone… as rocket would say … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:They dont like it up em :smirk:


Well, even Orangeman can’t be wrong ALL the bloody time.

Its a pity they don’t clone something nice an old though, say an E type, or a SAAB 96. but then they would have to sell them mostly to Chinese people, who have no taste.


Saab is owned by the Chinese now would you know, although it’s not going to be called Saab anymore, SEVS I think.

I think Indian and Chinese cars don’t have airbags? Well that’s one way to deal with the population problem

I must correct you here, a lot of Chinese cars do have airbags, normally the one driving :wink:


Really can’t understand the mentality, purely from an economic perspective. You have this massive consumer market in China, just build something safe and simple and target the mass market. There has to be room for a few major players in a market that size. They clearly have the skills to do it if they try. China is minting new billionaires every day, these cats aren’t gonna wanna save 60k or whatever on a C-class knock off, they would just as soon grab the real thing. Bemused…

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Aspirational imitational bling.


The Punter Is A Prat

That feature of consumer capitalism wasn’t invented in China either.

They just copied it.

The Geely trademark was impossible to distinguish from the Toyota mark at the distance one might compare 2 cars (10 meters or more). In 2004, walking past the Workers Stadium in Beijing, I was surprised that shortly after joining the wto, the streets are lined with Toyota Camrys. I went to cross the street. I stepped in front of a parked ‘Camry” and realized at a distance of ~1 meter, it was not a Toyota.

That would take RnD and slow return on investments building up and marketing your brand even after you’ve built a good product. And paying people a lot of money in the long run before a return. There’s a lot less risk copying something that you know the consumers like than spending so much time and money on something new I suspect.

The Chinese are about short money, quick and cheap labor in mass production. It’s one of the most frustrating things about doing business in Asia and especially with the Chinese. I’ve had many times where I baffled that a Chinese person would rather make less but right away.