Chinese Courses for Graduate Credit?

I’d like to take courses in Chinese for graduate credit anywhere in Taiwan…in the summer if possible. What do you all suggest?

I hope others will have more specific information (and better news for you), but my understanding about getting credit for US universities from coursework in Taiwan is that it has to be granted by your home institution (in the US). Usually you would need a copy of a syllabus (probably translated into English as well) and a copy of the university’s grading system (also translated) to show what your grade means.

(Now, I don’t know you’re from the US, or interested in credit for a US university, either. I don’t want to assume.)

I can’t think of a school in Taiwan (I don’t know this 100% for sure, but I can’t think of one) that would admit you as a part-time or non-degree graduate level student in the summer and grant credit for a course on a transcript. You might – MIGHT – be able to bluff your way into some graduate-level-equivalent lifelong education program granting an MA to in-service people (many of these are cash cows, really) and then just not complete the program after you got credit on the transcript for the coursework you wanted.