Chinese dependent visa for spouses of Taiwan citizens with Taibaozheng

Can spouses of Taiwan citizens with a Taiwan Compatriot Permit for Mainland China (Tai bao zheng) apply for the China Dependent Visa? My spouse is Taiwanese, and I have a Taiwan residency permit, she also has a Taibaozheng card. We both live in Taiwan, but plan to travel to China more in the future and it would certainly save time applying for a new Chinese tourist visa for myself each time.

For a spouse to sponsor a China visa they’d generally need a copy of the shenfenzheng, marriage cert, a letter from the Chinese spouse, and the spouses address and phone number in China.

The taibaozheng is substituteable for a shenfenzheng for nearly all purposes so you could try at least. I’d go ask at a visa agent if I was doing it.

The 10 year tourist visa didn’t work out?

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From what I’ve been told, British passport holders can only get the 2 year tourist visa, so I’m looking for other options. I’m actually in China right now so I’m going to enquire about this in next few days.

Soon, taibaozheng ID numbers are being replaced with Chinese national ID numbers, making them even more similar to the regular shenfenzheng, so if it’s not possible now, it will be for sure then.

If I was doing it I’d call these agents. They should be able to tell you if you can do it or not. They always have options.

Almost already a year ago, but I’m in a similar situation as you were emjroc. How did the China Spouse Visa work out?