Chinese descendant applying for NWOHR


I would like to inquire regarding my eligibility for NWOHR Taiwanese citizenship.
I am a US citizen of mainland Chinese descent, and do not hold household registration in China.

Is it possible for apply for NWOHR citizenship, and if so, how should I go about claiming it?
If it is relevant, my paternal great-grandfather held Taiwanese citizenship.

Thank you in advance.

do you still have PRC nationality? And. Do you read mandarin?

Thank you for the reply, tando.
I read Mandarin and I do not hold PRC nationality, though I was born in the PRC. I obtained US citizenship through the naturalization of not myself, but my parents.

then, this seems not to be applied to you.

This thread may be related.

Thank you for the link. I looked through the thread, but this procedure is all so confusing!

Do you mean that if I did hold PRC nationality, I would qualify for a ROC passport as well?

Sorry, I forgot to paste a link about it. The post was edited.