Chinese Domestic Policy Sucks!

AFP reports,

Friday November 8, 9:55 AM

Threat of force over Taiwan aimed at ‘foreign forces’: China’s Jiang

China’s President Jiang Zemin has refused to rule out the use of force over Taiwan and said the threat was aimed at “foreign forces” seeking to interfere.

“Our position of never undertaking to renounce the use of force is not directed at our Taiwan compatriots,” Jiang said Friday according to a copy of a speech he delivered to the Communist Party’s 16th Congress in Beijing.

“It is aimed at the foreign forces’ attempts to interfere in China’s reunification and the Taiwan separatist forces’ schemes for 'Taiwan independence,” he said.[/quote]

So really, in the event that China launches missiles at Taiwan, everyone just needs to remember that it’s done out of love and comaraderie. Rather like the treatment of those poor, misled students who were run over by tanks at Tiananmen or the brain-washed FalunGong followers.

I don’t think that Jiang is suggesting that China’s going to attack ALL of the meddlesome foreign governments officially recognizing Taiwan, because… well, the Guatemalans (for one) are legendary for their fiercness. Besides, that would be beyond the scope of “domestic policy.”

Shouldn’t “domestic” be in quotation marks in this case?

Monkbucket - Are you just pretending not to understand? He is saying that if a foreign country sends armed forces to intervene in cross-straits affairs, then those forces may be attacked by China. In practice that would most likely be US forces coming over from Okinawa or Guam. I can’t see Guatemala, Paraguay or Burkina Faso intervening militarily, can you? Nor the Philippines, nor even Japan - only the USA.

I wish they’d get on with it. When I first arrived in 92 there was all sorts of exciting talk: MRT Mucha Line finished by October, WW3 to break out by end of year, massive crackdown on illegal teaching, 3 links to be open “soon”. Come on China, either shit or get off the pot, as our Beloved Leader once said whilst queuing for the loos at Zhongnanhai McDonalds.