Chinese drums lessons

Hi guys.
I’m getting obsessed :loco: with the tanggu, traditional chinese drum :bow: , sound and I really really want to learn it.
I’d like to find a school where the basics are taught and, perhaps, a place where to by my own tanggu. I know it is related to ceremonial events, therefore I am not sure that actually can be considered an ordinary instrument.
Do you have any information available for me?

I went to their Art Drum Culture Village down in Ren De in Tainan last week. It’s at the site of a former Taiwan Sugar Plant. The Ten Drum Group is actively promoting and teaching traditional Taiwan drumming. They were a big part of the Tainan International Drum festival. Their Ren De site is awesome. It’s a combination tourist site and drum center. It has dorm facilitities, classrooms, indoor and outdoor theaters, restaurant facilities, and a display of drum construction techniques. The master artisan was there and I asked a few questions regarding construction techniques. During the Chinese New Year there were performances by local drum groups and international percussion groups. They also offered free group lessons several times a day during the holiday. Demo classrooms were open all day with drums for tourists to beat on and the simple sheet music was posted. My kids sat and pounded out a simple piece. The sheet music was easy to read. Pretty cool.

In short, get in contact with this group and they’ll be able to tell you where to find lessons.

This sounds supercool! :bravo: I am in Taipei, though, but I may think about it. Thanks for letting me know. I am really interested (I never actually played a drum, so it may end in tragedy, but it’s worth the effort)

Go to their Chinese link and they have Taipei contact information.