Chinese e-readers


looking for recommendations for an e-reader. Are there any taiwanese-made/China made chinese e-readers sold in Taiwan, if so which are the popular brands ?

Some features that would be great:

  1. can also read Japanese/Korean texts?

  2. traditional/smpiflied script capability

  3. text-to-speech functions? (chinese, asian languages, etc)

  4. built in C-E dictionaries, C-C dictionaries?

Any suggestions or ideas about what other functions/capabilites a good e-reader should have?

Thanx … l-display/

遠流 Yuan-Liu’s Jin-Yong e-reader has built in dictionaries. The link I posted is their colored version, which is limited edition and very expensive (iPad2 range). They also have mono-colored version, which I am not sure where you can buy them. But they certainly exists. As long as the OS is Android, it will support Japanese and Korean. Don’t know how well it supports Traditional/Simplified switch. Text-to-speech is available on Android devices.

Oh, I’ve found the link:

anyway, there used to be a ton of e-Readers on the market… but Taiwan lacks a content provider like Amazon to really drive the service.


many thanks for sharing the info and useful links!

if you have a kindle, you can install “duokan” and be able to read ebooks in Chinese.

I haven’t gotten around to doing it myself, but I should! I don’t know if they sell kindles here, but the basic version is quite a bargain for what it does.

Kindles will display Chinese without any additional installs. I’ve got a couple of Chinese books (traditional Chinese) on my Kindle and they display without any problem at all.