Chinese expressions with the word TRIBE in them

anymore after this list?

and can you fill in the Chinese characters for me? thanks

Follow the music/TV/movie stars tribe - groupies in the West =

Vegetable bag tribe == ladies were play the stock market after going shopping at the veggie markets in the morning carrying huge veggie bags

[ ]?

Shake head tribe, Ecstacy tribe, Yao to zhu =

Every month no money tribe, yueh gwan zhu

silver hair tribe, in fa zhu = old people with white hair

red lip tribe - betel nut fans =

office tribe, go to work tribe - = shya ban zhu


Night owl tribe

Sex in the car tribe

Korean tribe

Japanese tribe

ANY MORE: such as


no hair tribe?

retired people tribe

sweet tooth tribe

cellphone tribe

email tribe

playboy/playgirl tribe ?

bicycle tribe ?

exercise tribe, workout tribe?

travel overseas tribe?

never get married tribe?

divorced tribe?


Well, for a start, it’s zu, not zhu.

Shake head tribe (ecstasy tribe) = yaotouzu =


the every month no money tribe comes from the people who use those cash cards like George and marry and MUCH etc, and have no money at end of month.

yes, you are right, the ZOKU comes from the Japanese use of tribe for slang terms. BOZUZOKU is noisy motorcycle gangs, etc.

and thanks for mainland tribe slang, cool.!

I heard of another: sex in the car tribe = ?

This is one I have heard several times recently:
Strawberry tribe = caomeizu =