Chinese family visit Taiwan; proceed to vandalize prestigious university

Why do we let these arrogant wankers into the country again?


Look at this family of backwards shitbirds. Talk about being ungrateful guests.


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Especially the kid. :smiling_imp:

Look at him being the good little Maoist ripping up all the notes because his Daddy tells him to.

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“Daddy-state told me to do it, therefore it must be for the greater good!”

Goddamm wumao in the making.


wumao ?

The funny part about this is that, if they’d done something equivalent back in the Motherland, they’d have been down on the ground with guns pointed at their heads, and then shipped off to the gulag for reeducation.

Give 'em a break. They’re just enjoying a little taste of freedom :slight_smile: Sort of.


Since these attacks, both by Chinese students and tourists, appear to be coordinated, would it be too much to ask from intelligence agencies in Taiwan to get off their collective butts, stop spying on the «opposition from non blue party communist forces» and selling cigarettes on the black market and do their jobs in order to find/close the security gap of whatever message board is telling the Chinese to do this kind of thing. Because now it is paint and smears, one day it could be bombs or worse, so pretty please with maple syrup, if you work for China go get your salary there, if you work for ROC in Taiwan and get your salary here, do your Friggin job.


Yeah… didn’t a Chinese exchange student beat up an HK exchange student (or was it even a local student) here a couple weeks ago?

Yep. And we haven’t heard anything else…

We did hear a local student complained when harassed…And was suspended by the school for complaining.

There have been about 6 incidents like this in Taiwan universities. Meaning the Chinese students feel free to do this and abuse that freedom, plus college authorities fear retaliation so they keep quiet about it and enforce the code of silence on local students.

Does tearing down posters constitute vandalism?


Is the punishment death by snusnu?


Scum bags. People from China can be ridiculously childish about this. I don’t get their obsession with reuniting all Chinese people into a giant ethno state.


They’re schoolyard bullies, plain and simple. They’ve bullied Taiwan, HK, Tibet, Vietnam, etc… the list goes on and on. Like a real bully, China deserves a figurative punch on the nose.

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The punishment is an atomic wedgie.

I wonder what their status is here, they’re clearly not part of a tour group and highly unlikely to be individual tourists as China has cancelled pretty much all individual tourist visas.

Make Da Lu Great Again.

There, you understand now :slight_smile:

Feeling the urge to punch. This is the new thing that has developed.
People are now feeling justified to punch a Nazi, punch a commie, punch a conservative and are using something called an Oberton Window to justify it.
We have to respect people’s rights to believe what they like. Apprehend them humanely if they break the law, give them the fairest trial and then if proven guilty fry thier butt with the highest penalty.


In some countries it can earn you hard labor. It’s the theft and destruction of personal property owned by someone.
I’d file a small claims court case against the family if I paid for the posters be it through my school, students activity fee or out of my pocket.

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