Chinese for lovers

Maybe you have seen or heard of the books Thai for Lovers or Making Out in Japanese. I was wondering if there are any similar books in Chinese?

You must be butt ugly! :wink:

Not really, but I had seen these books in other languages and just wondered if a similar book had been published for Chinese. It’s not for me, it’s for a friend :wink:


Don’t complain about the snow on other’s rooftop if your own doorstep is unclean.


Don’t complain about the snow on other’s rooftop if your own doorstep is unclean.[/quote]

I wouldn’t think there’s any snow on Alleycat’s doorstep. :wink:



Snow not, and thou shall not be snowed…:slight_smile:


I have seen the book at Caves.

I don’t have it.

So what’s the translation? Although I can’t see how knowing this in Chinese would help you get laid. :wink:

Bu je da. I’ve never heard it!


“Making out in Chinese” by Ray Daniels. Published by YENBOOKS, distributed by Charles E. Tuttle Company. First published 1993.

The book’s content is not nearly as explicit as the title suggests. Mostly just general conversation and cultural info. No Chinese characters for the vocabulary, and an odd phonetic system that doesn’t match any I’ve seen before.

[quote=“Alleycat”]Bu je da. I’ve never heard it!


Alleycat - I thought you were a man - Your avitar and title are quite disturbing if you REALLY are a man :wink:

“Outrageous Chinese” by James J. Wang (China Books & Periodicals, Inc.: 1994) has a lot of sexual-related language in it. There is some “romantic” stuff, but the majority is pretty vulgar. The author is from Beijing, so a lot of the stuff is Beijing slang, but it’s still an “interesting” read.

i had a flick through the making out in chinese book. the local girl that i was with at the time said that it was too outdated and some of it was just ridiculous

Thanks for your answers. I didn’t think the topic would get everyone so excited :slight_smile: G$10 each to archinasia and LittleBuddha TW

So does anybody have any great lines? Something more original than “You have beautiful eyes” or whatever. Please keep this thread PG-rated. Nothing too rude.

One I remember from outrageous Chinese (don’t remember what they wrote for the Chinese) was “Did you count how many thrusts I just made?”


To which the reply must surely be: “I have more than one hand, so I’ve more than enough fingers to count them on. Was that it?”

Other loving vocabulary could be:

Thanks H.

The wife liked that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am looking for volunteers who would like to try them on their indoors, before I do it on mine.

Any takers?

Nice romantic vocabulary, Mr. He! I’ve been using all of those lines for a long time.

It takes a cunning linguist like you to translate not just the words, but their actual INTENT. Another example is the helpful linguist who translated the signs for the protesters in the photo at the top of this page.