Chinese for marriage celebrant

Whats the Chinese for ‘celebrant’ - not a priest.

Is it - 婚禮主持人 ??

I would vote for 婚姻監禮人 (which I got through Google and confirmed via backchecking with .tw sites – 7500 hits).
More hits than for 婚禮主持人 although that also seems to be used.

So – native speakers? Feel free… :slight_smile:

thx terry

my wife (native taiwanese) is pretty certain it is 婚禮主持人… but i would love to hear for sure from others that have had to have their australian, US, wherever marriage certificate translated and used a celebrant and not a priest.


In the Anglican/Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, celebrant is 主持人, so I think you’ve got it right by just adding 婚禮 on the front.

Oops, that was me who somehow posted as “guest.” The term you use may depend on which church the wedding is held in. I imagine that in a Roman Catholic or Anglican church, 婚禮主持人 would be used, but other churches may use different terminology.

Sorry… more clarification - non denomenational celebrant is what I am looking for.

Do you mean non-denominational, or non-religious?

Non-religious, sorry. :frowning:

That’s what I thought. I still would go with my original answer, although as I said, the other variant is used as well.